U.S. Navy


GeoCommander Master Training Station


This project’s overall goal is to teach operators with limited to no experience, and little time to learn, the effective use of advanced technology in complex military operations. With accelerated military deployment rates and reduced operational preparation times, the U.S. Navy needed a compelling, serious game solution with the appeal and functionality of a modern, commercial video game to train personnel.


Teaming up with Whatif Productions, LLC, and Ticom Geomatics Inc, Intelligence Gaming co-developed GeoCommander as a state-of-the-art "serious game." Through a series of increasingly difficult and challenging fictionalized operational scenarios, the user learns how to apply modern-day geolocation technology, concepts and theory to identify and accomplish their missions. Conceptually based on real-world events and missions, GeoCommander pushes virtual reality simulation to the limits.

While it was built in a completely fictional environment, GeoCommander successfully integrates real-life aspects of geolocation science and the combined expertise of industry, Department of Navy, and gaming professionals, making it unique as a game of content.


  • GeoCommander opens up a new chapter in serious games by using strategy and planning models to teach trainees not only how to react, but also why they are reacting - and how their performance affects the commander's mission objectives and operational picture.
  • GeoCommander provides an accelerated training solution in a "serious game" environment in an engaging and timely way. It addresses the most problematic training and learning deficiency in the military via cognitive and experiential capability.
  • GeoCommander has been measured and demonstrated to be an exceptionally strong supporting tool for existing curricula and instructors. Integrated into a learning timeline, the use of GeoCommander with traditional hands-on teaching brings about a much higher efficiency and effectiveness in learning rates.
GeoCommander screenshot
GeoCommander screenshot
GeoCommander screenshot
GeoCommander screenshot